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Winner of Top Chef 7 Poland



Sylwia Stachyra is the winner of the 7th edition of Top Chef Polska and the most influential woman within the Polish Hospitality Industry. She’s an amazing cook combining both passion and education - she achieved the highest chef’s degree NVQ3, run 2 restaurants, created tons of thriving concepts for gastronomy-based businesses and honed her skills from Gordon Ramsay. Sylwia was the only winner of Polish edition of TOP CHEF to take part in the TOP CHEF WORLD ALL STARS competition, alongside the best chefs from around the world. This is a huge international success, but she has an appetite for more. TOP CHEF WORLD is just an apetizer on her goals menu. What has she prepared for the main course?

Hungry for knowledge and new experiences. Spent years travelling and cooking on yachts, visiting places and getting to know different cultures which made a huge impact on her and her cooking style. Her taste buds were shaped by her travels: England, Turkey, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Japan, Cyprus and more. Each of these trips was an adventure, each filled with the taste of regional specialities, the aroma of the best spices and the colours of local markets. She absorbs the cuisines of the world with her whole being, although she is never fully satisfied - and she still has an appetite for more. Her passion is French cuisine, her thing is using local ingredients, and her autograph is a pinch of Asian spices. Combining them she creates dishes that conquer the palates and hearts.

Food is an art and cooking is more than just a skill - it’s a passion, taste and a lot of humility. She passes her knowledge on by collaborating with restaurants in Poland and around the world. She works as an independent consultant, gives lectures at the University in Lublin, designs tasting menus and makes her own projects happen. Sylwia has an extraordinary ability to talk about food - she takes you on a culinary journey full of wonderful aromas, unusual textures and original flavors.

Winning Top Chef was a huge honor and an ‘official stamp of approval’ of Sylwia’s talent and skills, but she is so much more than a Top Chef! She is a true craftswoman who not only knows her craft inside out, but also continues to push the culinary boundaries, inspire others and add a pinch of ‘Sylwia’s magic’ wherever she goes. Sylwia truly believes in the immense power of using fresh and local ingredients, loves French cuisine and wins palates, stomachs and hearts with her signature - ‘pinch of Asian spices’ skillfully included in her irresistible dishes.

Raised to be a lawyer, she became an excellent chef. She is from Lublin - she grew up there and studied law at the Catholic University of Lublin. Although she loves travelling, she created her home and her place on earth there. Proud of her hometown and local food, she proves that inspiration for unusual recipes can be found everywhere.


Whatever you are looking for - you found it. I will take you to the world of unusual flavours and amazing aromas that will open the door to culinary heaven for you. Are you ready for an adventure?

CookShe by Sylwia Stachyra is a well-functioning company oriented on what I love the most - food. With my team, we work with Polish and foreign clients, in two languages: Polish and English. With us you don’t have to worry about anything - we’ve got you fully covered. We’re known for our experience, passion and individual approach. Find out for yourself!


We run culinary workshops for companies (and others!) and live cooking shows. It’s a great idea for an integration event, something extra for a party or any other occasion. We provide professional service, a fun atmosphere and original flavours. We’ll help you create a unique event that will delight your taste buds and more!


We provide complex advice in the field of gastronomy, train staff and create ready-made culinary and restaurant concepts. We love to show that gastronomy is something more and success depends on many factors that must work together perfectly. We make resolutions that work - that’s our superpower.


Our team deals with the complex organization of exclusive parties: from small, intimate dinners to large events, wherever you want. We love challenges: a family home, helicopter, by-the-sea restaurant or a yacht on wide waters - we operate in all conditions.


We create original recipes for companies, devices or a given product - recipes that amaze with both taste and appearance. We provide full support for photo sessions, including food design - from concept to implementation. We work with photographers and filmmakers, take care of details and supervise the project.


We prepare tasting menus tailored to the vision and needs of our guests; we also offer a premium service: Private Chef. A culinary virtuoso will prepare meals that will open up completely new taste experiences for you and your guests.


We assist in culinary studies, cookbooks and e-books, testing products/equipment and introducing them to the market.

Our services are as wide as the possibilities of flavour combinations - infinite. Need someone for whom cooking is a passion? Do you want to impress your guests, friends and loved ones? Do you have an idea worth consulting? Run it by us!


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